Shocking numbers tell the story: low-income students at SFU lose residence

An article in today’s Vancouver Sun about the closure of a low-income residence exposes the level of chronic underfunding at SFU with some shocking numbers.

A 2011 report found that 53 per cent of campus buildings are in “poor” condition while SFU racked up $717 million in deferred building maintenance. In 2011 the province slashed SFU’s annual $6.6-milllion capital allowance for maintenance to a mere $500,000. (It is now at $2.2 million.)

According to The Sun, SFU concedes that long-term neglect has now doomed the 50-year old Louis Riel House, a low-income family residence. The closure means that some students will be forced to give up their graduate studies. Sixty students, some with families, will need to find alternate accommodation by the end of August.

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